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The Police College of Finland passed the audit

The aim of the audit of the quality assurance system of the Police College of Finland (the College) was to

- find out what qualitative aims the College has set to its operation,

- evaluate what processes and procedures the College applies to keep up and enhance the quality of education and other activities, and

- evaluate whether the quality assurance works in the way intended, whether the quality assurance system produces information appropriate for the development of the operations, and whether it leads to effective, quality-enhancing development measures.


The audit was based on materials provided by the College in advance and an audit visit to Tampere on 1–3 November 2011.


The audit team notes that the College has created, described and implemented a quality assurance system which has a clear connection with the strategy and the steering of operations and which covers a large part of the College’s operations. The College has designated the feedback systems, self-evaluation and process development as the key procedures in its quality assurance. The description of processes has helped the personnel to commit to the develop­ment of operations and made for more assertive management. The College’s clear strength is the close link between education and working life. The systematic secondment of the personnel into practical work and close cooperation with police administration units ensure that topical working life knowledge is efficiently transferred to College operations. The R&D department works systematically with stakeholders. This is based on a thorough stakeholder survey, which should be extended to concern the whole College.


The audit team proposes the following development measures to the College:

– Interaction between education and research and the planned use of the interaction should be increased. The analysis of the operational environment should be put to better use in the planning of education.

– Several social interaction processes can be indentified in the College’s operation. Their planned management and quality assurance should be developed. Social interaction and impact could be more in evidence in the development of legislation governing the College.

– The support and service operations common to the whole College do not stand out as a clear entity in the quality assurance system. The designation and description of operations and processes should be specified and the linkage of the support services as a whole with the quality assurance system clarified. Similarly, the overall responsibility for the support services needs clarification.

– The students’ role in quality work and in different working groups could be made official and described in the operations manual and in the regulations.

– The quality assurance system does not give sufficient support to communication in Swedish and in English or to the strategic policy lines. The development of Swedish and English QA materials would support interna­tional cooperation.


Based on the proposal and audit report of the audit team, the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council decided at its meeting on 29 February 2012 that the Police College of Finland fulfils the criteria set for the entity of the quality assurance system and for the quality assurance of the basic missions. The audit will be valid for six years.


More information:


Chairperson of the audit group:

Director Eero Pekkarinen, eero.pekkarinen(at)tokem.fi, +358 400 690 966

The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council:

Senior Adviser Kirsi Mustonen, kirsi.mustonen(at)minedu.fi, tel. +358 40 701 7956


Administrative Assistant Arja Bilund (ordering the audit report), tel. +358 9 1607 6913,


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