Aalto University School of Arts and Design (UIAH) passed the audit

FINHEEC decided in its meeting on 28 August 2009, based on the proposal of the audit group and the audit report, that the quality assurance system of UIAH had material shortcomings in relation to the audit criteria. The decision required that a re-audit be carried out.


The re-audit focused on four auditing targets as provided by the FINHEEC Audit Manual for 2008–2011:


1. Definition and documentation of the objectives, functions, actors and responsibilities of the quality assurance system

2. Participation of the higher education institution’s staff, students and external stakeholders in quality assurance

3. Monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement of the quality assurance system

4. The quality assurance system as a whole.

The purpose of the re-audit is to assess the higher education institution’s progress in the development of its quality assurance system in the areas identified as development needs. Development in the target areas of the re-audit must meet the criteria of “Developing”.


The re-audit was based on the auditing material submitted by the higher education institution in advance and on the visit made by the re-audit group to UIAH on 30 November 2011.


The quality assurance system of UIAH (now Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture) has elements in common with Aalto University. When examined separately from Aalto University, the quality assurance system of UIAH covers most of the university’s operations. Moreover, its practices constitute a fairly well-functioning system that has been developed in a systematic and goal-focused manner over the past two years.

The responsibility for the development work has been divided clearly between departments and units. UIAH has published a quality manual and unit-specific operations manuals, which create a solid framework for quality assurance. This framework is also linked to the annual cycle of operations. The quality manual provides a clear description of the quality assurance system in operation, and it has been distributed widely among personnel. Employees find the preparation process for operations manuals to be meaningful and relevant, and the process has clarified responsibilities on different levels. The consistency of operations manuals, however, leaves room for improvement.


In its meeting on 26 January 2012, FINHEEC decided, on the basis of the proposal of the re-audit group, that the quality assurance system of the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki (now Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture) meets the criteria set for quality assurance systems as a whole and for the quality assurance of its basic tasks.


More information

- Chairperson of the audit group professor Päivi Granö, paivi.grano(at)ulapland.fi

- The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council, chief planning officer Karl Holm, karl.holm(at)minedu.fi, +358 50 5604753




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