The duties and policies of FINHEEC are governed by Decree 558/2009.  The mission of the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council shall be to

  1. assist the higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education in matters pertaining to evaluation;
  2. conduct evaluations relating to the activities and quality assurance systems of higher education institutions;
  3. support quality assurance and enhancement in higher education institutions; and
  4. participate in international evaluation activities and cooperation concerning evaluation.

Further, the Higher Education Evaluation Council shall perform duties assigned to it in the Presidential Decree concerning university of applied sciences degrees awarded in the Province of Åland (548/2005).


The Higher Education Evaluation Council may accept other commissions relating to evaluation from Finnish and foreign operators.


The Higher Education Evaluation Council must participate in international evaluation of its own activities on a regular basis. The Higher Education Evaluation Council must annually submit an account of its own activities and the salient findings of the evaluations.

Decree on FINHEEC (pdf) (11 KB)


The aim of FINHEEC is the long-term development of higher education through evaluations and independent expert knowledge. For this reason, FINHEEC supports higher education institutions when designing their own quality and evaluation systems, as well as produces internationally comparable data of higher education institutions' activities for policy-makers, students, working and business life.

Contact information

Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council
P.O. Box 133 (Meritullinkatu 1), FIN-00171 HELSINKI, FINLAND
+358 (0)2953 30072
+358 (0)9 1607 7602
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