Centres of Excellence in University Education, 24-25 February 2009, Helsinki Finland

The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council organised an international seminar Centres of Excellence in University Education at Helsinki Congress Paasitorni in Helsinki on 24 and 25 February 2009.


The Finnish Ministry of Education has an economic incentive "Centres of Excellence in University Education" to improve the quality and relevance of education as well as to provide support for continuous improvement of education. Commissioned by the Ministry, the Finnish Higher Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) has now completed the evaluation process for the designation of centres of excellence for the fifth time. The evaluation process, which was conducted in 2007-2008, ended in the seminar Centres of Excellence in University Education.


Swedish National Agency for Higher Education has its own process for the selection of Centres of Excellent Quality in Higher Education. By introducing the two national models for awarding excellence in education as well as some of the awarded units, the seminar aimed at disseminating information on good practices of enhancing education. Likewise, the seminar strived to bring new ideas and perspectives to continual development of curricula, programme and course design and to provide solutions and new viewpoints to teaching, assessment and learning methods.


The seminar gathered almost 200 participants from HEIs, quality assurance agencies and other European actors to discuss and share new information.


You can download the evaluation report and the programme below:


Evaluation Report:


Centres of Excellence in Finnish University Education 2010-2012 (pdf) (538.6 KB)


Seminar Programme:


Final Programme (doc) (85.5 KB)



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